May 2013 Update - Preserving a reef! How would you even start? Part II

In our April update we started taking a look at some of the different aspects involved in our efforts to monitor and preserve the coral reef around Naitauba Island. This month we are continuing our glimpse "behind-the-scenes":

We’ve worked out a simple system for labeling and archiving our photos, and have started a fish identification archive to document the fish species that we are able to photograph and identify.

The following are a few samples:

April 2013 Update - Preserving a reef! How would you even start? Part I

The USP reef team’s visit to Naitauba last year was an eye-opening opportunity for Naitauba Island resident staff to participate with the team and get a glimpse of a treasure beyond description—a treasure that we must protect and preserve in perpetuity, as fully as can be done. (Sadly, the challenges are severe. Some predictions say that within the next 50-100 years, coral reefs could all be destroyed by a combination of global warming, ocean acidification, and other forms of human interference.)

Since the team's visit, we have kept on with our vigil for the reef through snorkeling and diving trips within the reef, aided by everything that was passed on by the team during their visit and in their report that followed.