December 2012 - Review & new plans

2012 was a year of new beginnings for the Naitauba Reef Preservation Initiative, and we want to take this opportunity to thank the individuals who helped make it possible. Your support has been especially helpful as it has given us a chance to make new friends who have given us a fresh view of the reef. Now, we need to gather our resources again and make plans to move forward in 2013.

October 2012 - Unusual sign of reef diversity...

On one of the patch reefs off the Wharf we recently made a special find. At first glance it might even look like modern art... but is actually a computer keyboard likely washed into the lagoon during Hurricane Tomas. It has been richly decorated with colorful coralline algae, tiny new coral colonies, bryozoans, and a host of other living things, an unusual sign of the richness of Naitauba's reef!

August 2012 - Outlook

Looking back at the survey team's visit in June, we all feel that it is just the beginning of an ongoing relationship with the survey team and the University. The team members had many useful observations about the state of the reef, and can see many directions to explore regarding ways to support its growth and well-being.

Even though there are still signs on the reef of past damage from coral bleaching and storms, the reef still shows remarkable diversity of species ranging from the primary producers such as coral and algae, to the grazing fish and invertebrates, to the predators all the way up to the top predators, the sharks.

July 2012 - Survey update

The survey team from the University of the South Pacific (USP) was able to be here on the Island for nearly a week, and were joined in by service retreatants Roger Tonkin, Grace Cameron, and Marco Tellier, who provided invaluable help in the process. With help from Island management, retreat staff, and members of Naitauba's Fijian staff, and with use of a newly-refurbished punt provided by Island manageement for their use, the team quickly set about their work.

The survey team with participating retreatants and Island residents.

June 2012 Update - The survey begins

The survey begins! We are happy to report that the survey team from the University of the South Pacific arrived on Naitauba this week to assess the state of the reef around the Island.

On June 15th, the seven-person survey team, along with Roger Tonkin, left Suva by ferry boat to Taveuni, and on Sunday afternoon, June 17th, arrived on Naitauba aboard the Turaga Dau Loloma, the Island's ferry boat, which made a special trip to pick them up.


Further updates on the visit will follow soon!