Help to Preserve the Naitauba Reef

You can help us preserve the Island's coral reef. Your help makes possible projects large and small, and is greatly appreciated.

Support our goals:

1. New Data Loggers - 6x ($130 each)
We use these to track the temperature of the water and changes that occur that can lead to coral bleaching and other issues. 

2. Stable Isotope Analysis lab fees(app. $10/sample plus shipping charges)
For a nutrient analysis of the water and sea grass growing in the lagoon to determine what excess nutrients are ending up there. 

3. University of the South Pacific Assessment 2017
Help us sponsor a third visit of a team from the University of the Pacific visit in 2017. We need to fundraise for travel costs, dive gear rental and provide payment for some of the services the team needs.

4. GoPro Cameras for underwater photography - 2x ($200 each)

5. Farm/Reef Waste Management Project analysis - fees for NZ engineer estimate/analysis

Press the "donate" button to make a donation of any size using Paypal or a Credit/Debit Card. Every dollar makes a difference!


Or you may write a check to The Adidam Holy Domains. Include a note stating the check is a donation for the Naitauba Reef Initiative. Send the check to:

Adidam Holy Domains Fiscal department
12040 N Seigler Springs Rd.
Middletown, CA 95461

Thank you!