December 2013 Update - Celebrating the beauty and richness of Naitauba’s reef

In our last entries on this site, we posed the question: “Preserve a reef—How would you even begin?”

A daunting question, as it turns out! Over the recent months, one crucial part of the answer has become abundantly clear: Get help! And, remarkably, with the public opening of our website, we are seeing new help arrive in all kinds of forms. So in our next entries, we will be including grateful acknowledgments of the much-needed and extremely welcome gestures of support that are starting to show up.

We will also be letting you know about our next steps ahead for 2014 that are already becoming clear. And we will be inviting you to join with us through your contributions and tangible help to make them a reality.

But first, in this season of celebration and the turning of the year, we want to simply share with you some of the beauty and richness of Naitauba’s reef in the form of images from recent outings on the reef. Above all, we hope that these photos and video footage convey with absolute clarity that the life of the reef is a process of overwhelming variety and infinite detail that extends far beyond our capacities to know and control in any ordinary sense.


And yet, amazingly enough, preserving Naitauba’s living reef is a very real and necessary part of what it will take to protect and preserve all the unique natural and spiritual treasures of Naitauba in perpetuity, as we are most honored and fortunate to be called to do.

Please enjoy these images from our gallery, and stay tuned for our next installments, which we look forward to sharing with you.

And from all of us here on Naitauba and around the world, we send you happiest Season’s Greetings, and warm best wishes for the New Year, 2014.
- The Naitauba Reef Preservation team