January 2014 Update - Underwater slideshow

Music by John Wubbenhorst: www.johnwubbenhorst.bandcamp.com

One of the joys of underwater photography is the magical moment when one discovers sea creatures so focused in their own activities that they do not notice the presence of the photographer.
The images in this slideshow were taken while snorkeling along an underwater ridge in about 10 feet of clear water. A cloud of stirred-up sediment rising from the bottom drew us to explore its source. We found a large old ray quietly churning across the silt-covered bottom, finding his food and creating a plume that drifted off with the gentle current.
Soon, some other visitors noticed the cloud, too, and began to circle, seeking their own meals in the sediment billowing up above the ray. First was a small group of silver pompanos (Trachinotus blochii), then a group of bar jacks (Carangoides ferdau). They joined in a swirling dance all around the ray, until they finally spiraled out and moved on. Then, we moved on, too.